University 101 

A pre-university seminar focusing on strategies for academic success.

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Finally, a service for students who will be attending university and want the inside scoop and guidance to be a successful and thriving student.

How can you attend our session?

Book your one-on-one session or online group session.

Content for the seminar will be drawn from my new e-book Crush IT at College.

  1. Take Charge: Learn how to be academically successful. 
  2. Learn 5 Things Students Won't Do to Achieve Great Grades.
  3. Getting the inside scoop on registration, academic performance evaluation (your report card), academic drop deadlines, financial drop deadlines, the value of support services, petitions, changing majors, changing degrees and more!
  4. Planning for your career.
  5. How to adapt to university/college life.
  6. How to avoid the cultural traps of university/college life.
  7. 10 Secrets to Writing a Great University/College Paper.
  8. Drop is Not a Dirty Word: A completely different perspective on dropping college/university courses.
  9. Wiping Your University/College Record: What to do in the event of exceptional personal circumstances.
  10. The Truth About a Bachelor of Arts Degree.
  11. Racking up Student Debt: How far in the hole are you willing to go?