Advising Services. 

It's about your best interest.

Tinlin Academic Advising and Consulting (TAAC) is founded on the belief that students benefit most from one-on-one support. Historically this was the way education was designed. Unfortunately, today's reality is very different and many students report feeling lost among the thousands of other students. As a result, many students seek out smaller universities or colleges in order to feel that they belong. 

At TAAC we go one step further. We always guarantee one-on-one service. And, if you aren't completely satisfied, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. 

What we do.

1. We provide independent, objective, and trusted advice that comes from years of experience.
2. We offer one-on-one or group sessions live or virtually.
3. We help future or current university and college students make informed decisions about their education.
4. We equip you with strategies for academic success.

Who we serve. 

1. Parents/guardians with questions
2. People of all ages considering attending or returning to a university or college
3. Homeschoolers considering university or college 
4. International students

5. Current students interested in excelling academically and who are:
* struggling academically (and who may be on academic probation, suspension, or debarred)
* attaining marginal or mediocre grades and are looking for concrete strategies to raise their grades    
* doing well but are looking to do even better 
* doing very well but need to boost their grades for professional studies (examples include: law, medicine, nursing, teaching, social work, engineering, personal counselling)

6. Current students who are considering taking time off
7. Current students who are considering changing their major, degree, or transferring schools
8. Current or future students looking for career advice
9. Current or future students that need help navigating the complex web of post-secondary rules & systems
10. Athletes who intend to pursue university level study and want help to prepare for what lies ahead

How our service works.

We offer our personalized advising service by: Skype, telephone, or in person. Contact us now!


Cost of our service.

$75 per half hour
$150 per hour
$250 for two hours

Free consultation.

Before committing to an advising session we offer all our clients a free conversation to get to know us, to learn more more about what we offer, and what you can expect from us. It's also a great opportunity to determine which session best fits your needs: a half-hour, full hour or two-hour session. Simply email or call us to book an appointment.