We not only believe in homeschooling, we practice it.

As a father of three, Bryan and his wife have made a commitment to homeschool their children. This means Bryan not only believes in the value of homeschooling but also understands the challenges it poses for many families who are considering university or college for their children.

What can Bryan offer homeschoolers?

  1. Independent and objective advice (Bryan has no affiliation with any college or university).
  2. Experience based on more than 8,000 one-on-one contacts with university and college students.
  3. Experience with thousands of prospective university, college students, and their parents.
  4. Insight into the workings of university and college administration including admission processes.
  5. A voice that supports and practices homeschooling.
  6. An opportunity to speak to your local homeschooling network.
  7. An opportunity to speak at your regional homeschooling conference.


Top 5 questions asked by homeschoolers today.

  1. In terms of admission, how will universities and colleges assess my homeschooling student?
  2. Is there something else I need to do help better position my student for admission to a college or university?
  3. How will my student adjust to university life particularly when their values may differ significantly from many of the students they study with?
  4. What role can I play in supporting my student?
  5. What strategies can we employ at home to better ensure academic success for post-secondary studies?

University 101

A pre-university seminar focusing
on strategies for academic success.

Homeschooling Presentations or Conferences Speaking Opportunities

If you would like Bryan to speak at one of your homeschooling meetings or present at your regional conference, please contact him directly through his contact page.

Free consultation.

Before committing to an advising session we offer all our clients a free conversation to get to know us, to learn more more about what we offer, and what you can expect from us. It's also a great opportunity to determine which session best fits your needs: a half-hour, full hour or two-hour session. Simply email or call us to book an appointment.