Parents Need Advice Too

As an integral partner in the decision making process, and often the chief financier, we understand a parent's perspective like no other adviser. After meeting with over 8,000 students we have the experience that it takes to help you make the best possible informed decisions. 

Let us share with you what we know are the top 10 problems prospective and current post-secondary students face today. Below we also share with you typical questions asked of us by parents.

The real problems many students are up against.

  1. Increasing pressure to pursue post-secondary studies (from themselves, parents, peers, society).
  2. Pressure to achieve high grades and compete.
  3. Ill prepared for the demands of university and college level study.
  4. Uncertainty with what they will study and what profession to pursue.
  5. Fear of failure and disappointing their parents.
  6. The reality that many will struggle academically, drop out, or fail out.
  7. Fear of not belonging, getting lost in the mix with thousands of other students.
  8. Fear of racking up huge debt load and not getting a good job.
  9. Fear that they simply won't measure up and be the only one who is lost and confused.
  10. The struggle of what to do after they graduate.

Typical comments and questions asked of us by parents.

  1. I want my child to be successful but they don't seem to be taking charge of their future education. 
  2. I keep telling my student that knowing what you want to study and do for a living is essential to succeed.
  3. University or college is a huge financial investment and I'm concerned my kid isn't ready.
  4. I've impressed upon my kid that going to university before college is the right thing to do.
  5. I suspect my kid isn't doing well at all in school and I don't know how to support them.
  6. Studying something in the fine arts like painting, dance, poetry, photography or even the liberal arts like history, psychology, english, or geography isn't practical. If they really want to study those things I tell them to get a practical and employment base under them first and study subjects like science, engineering, law, or teaching.
  7. My kid is struggling academically. Where did I go wrong?
  8. I know university pays more in the end and so I know it is by far the better option for my kid.
  9. My kid has changed majors four times. I wish I knew how to support them. Is there something wrong with them?
  10. This education is costing me a fortune and I don't know if it's worth it. Perhaps I should have had them take more responsibility and cost share their own education.

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