Current Students.

Lost and confused is normal. You are not alone.


Tired of low grades?

Are you tired of low grades? Is the pressure to do well academically getting to you? Are you looking for some concrete advice?


Get ready for outstanding grades!

Our team will help you get at the root of your academic difficulties and provide you with the building blocks for academic success. In short, we will equip you with strategies for academic success.

Here are some of top questions students ask us.

  1. I work hard but I'm not getting the grades. What am I doing wrong?
  2. I know I'm not working hard enough and I can't figure out why. I had every intention of doing well.
  3. Every year I start out strong and then my grades fall. Is there anything I do can about it?
  4. I'm on academic probation. What can I do to get myself back to good academic standing?
  5. I had personal issues this year that have severely affected my grades (for example sickness or death in the family, health concerns, emotional struggles). Is it possible to petition and clear my record?
  6. Is it OK to drop courses? Isn't dropping courses like quitting? Won't I have 'W' for withdrawal on my transcript?
  7. Is it OK to take time off from my studies? My parents say no, but it is something I've considered.
  8. I really wanted to go to college instead of university but my parents said no. What should I do?
  9. My long term goal is to go to graduate school, law school, medical school, teaching, nursing or some professional program. I don't know what I should do now. What steps must I take? What grades do I need?
  10. I'm in my third year of study. Is it too late to change my major?
  11. If I change from a science program to liberal arts program, am I limiting my career opportunities?
  12. My low grades on my essays are holding me back. How do I improve my writing?
  13. I do well on everything except exams. What can I do?
  14. Math is a core problem for me and as a result my grades are plummeting. What can I do?
  15. I need to work 25 hours a week and go to school. I know my grades are suffering. What can I do?

Free consultation.

Before committing to an advising session we offer all our clients a free conversation to get to know us, to learn more more about what we offer, and what you can expect from us. It's also a great opportunity to determine which session best fits your needs: a half-hour, full hour or two-hour session. Simply email or call us to book an appointment.