Crush IT at College:

A No Nonsense Guide
to Succeeding at 
College and University

If you’re in college or university or thinking about it, you don’t need a 100+ page book—you need practical and to-the-point advice on how to succeed, how to make the right choice, and how to Crush IT. That’s what this book is about.

Essential Book!

"This book is an excellent guide to student success. Most students do not learn these skills until much later in their studies. Well worth the read."                    

Jennifer McCarthy, M.Ed

What's in this book?

Part 1: What You Need To Know

1: The Secret to Getting Great Grades

2: The Shocking Truth About a Bachelor of Arts Degree

3: Five Things Students Won’t Do to Get Great Grades

4: ‘Drop’ is Not a Dirty Word—A Completely Different Perspective on Dropping College/University Courses

5: The Low Down on Debt—How Far In The Hole are You Willing to Go?

Part 2: How to Crush IT

6: Crush IT at Managing Homework

7: Crush IT By Arming Yourself With Skill

8: Crush IT By Arming Yourself With Tools

9: Crush IT at Reading

10: Crush IT at Writing a Great Paper

11. Crush IT With Productivity


Wiping Your Grades—What to do in the event of exceptional personal circumstances