Career Advice. 

You've got questions. We've got answers.

Whether you are considering college, university, or are currently studying in a post-secondary institution, you have career decisions to make. Our team is well equipped to help you make good decisions about your future.

Common career questions asked of us by students.

  1. Is it true that my Bachelor of Arts is leading me to a dead end job? What can I do with my B.A.?
  2. I'm interested in the health sciences. What should I be doing to prepare myself for the future?
  3. I didn't do well in my first year. Will that affect my application to medical school, law school or grad school?
  4. I'm considering pursing a degree after completing my community colllege diploma. What should program should I study in order to establish a promising future career?
  5. I used one of those career assessment tools and I'm still lost?
  6. I feel like if I don't go to graduate school I won't get a job. What do I need to prepare for graduate school?
  7. Can you tell me what professions are in demand?
  8. Should I take time off between my undergraduate degree and the next degree?
  9. I know I want to 'help' people but I don't know what career to choose. Can you help?
  10. Does volunteering really make a difference to my future career?

Free consultation.

Before committing to an advising session we offer all our clients a free conversation to get to know us, to learn more more about what we offer, and what you can expect from us. It's also a great opportunity to determine which session best fits your needs: a half-hour, full hour or two-hour session. Simply email or call us to book an appointment.