Secret to Great Grades: Tip #3 - Hang Out With Other Hard Working Students

Up until now you’ve probably hung out with students who do as well as you do. Or, you are hanging out with students who intend to do well but never carry it out. These ‘friends’ may be nice people but they may not be a positive influence on your academic record.

You have two choices. Cut them off or keep them at a distance. You don’t have to be rude about it and it doesn’t mean they aren’t your friends anymore. It just means that you are taking charge of your own academic affairs.

Now, you need to zone in on the hard working students (because they usually do quite well) and befriend them. If your pride gets in the way, then you have to go back to your first objective: I will do anything to get great grades. Dave Ramsey, the financial radio guru, has a saying: if you want to be rich, do the things rich people do. To Crush IT at college, do the things “A” students do.