About us.


With more than 16 years experience serving students in the university and college environment, and having advised more 8,000 students in his career, Bryan has established himself as an expert in the area of academic advising. He understands first hand the pressures placed on today's students to make life-impacting decisions about their education and their future career.

TAAC was founded on basis of student feedback given to Bryan year after year after year. "If I had only known that... or, I wish you were around before I ran into academic difficulty... or why didn't anyone tell me that"?

Bryan's strength is one-on-one and with more than 20 years of institutional knowledge, no one knows the system as well as Bryan. He has worked for five renowned post-secondary institutions across Canada in areas of academic advising, student services, recruitment, and registrarial services.

Bryan holds a master's degree in Environmental Studies (International Development) from York University and an undergraduate degree from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. He received numerous awards and scholarships for both his academic achievements, institutional accomplishments, and community service. 

Bryan Tinlin, B.A., M.E.S.    
President and Founder