Why independent advice?

Next to a mortgage, your education is probably the most expensive and important investment you will make. At TAAC, we believe your investment deserves advice that is in your best interest, and only your best interest. We are not affiliated with any university or college so you can trust our advice to be objective. 

We know students.

At TAAC we know students. Years of experience have taught us that each student is unique. We listen, ask questions, and get to the root of the issue. Our speciality is serving those students most in need: the lost, confused, and academically struggling. And, if you are well informed but just need a little coaching, we are here too.

Our philosophy.

Our philosophy is simple: we believe you are unique and as such deserve customized advice. That is why we specialize in one-on-one service. Think of us as your personal academic coach. We strongly believe in your ability to be successful and we will focus in on your skills, talents, and experience. In short, we know that success is within your grasp.

What you can expect.

You can expect our team to be prompt, professional, and thorough. We always go above and beyond to ensure you feel that you have a trusted advisor at your beck and call. If you are not satisfied with our advice, we offer a thirty day 100% money back guarantee.